DWayne Design

Dwayne Design is the label I used for things I’ve made over the years. Slightly ambiguous as Dwayne is a man’s name. And well, Dwayne Johnson is cool. There were soy candles and various sewing projects. Of course both candle making and sewing requires a lot of supplies, space and time. As you can imagine I did not have any space or time to spare in a small house filled with four children lol.

My love for photography and inspiring quotes led to my adding quotes to photos I’ve taken. Sometimes there is a quote I love and I try to take a photo that goes with it. Other times I just love a photo I’ve taken and search for a quote to go with it. And some photos I take just happen to inspire my random thoughts or writings.

Adding text and sometimes borders to unedited photos is kind of my take on graphic design, a creative outlet of sorts and a form of art therapy for me. Select Dwayne Design from the categories listing below to view these photo creations. I hope to inspire, bring a smile and sometimes just laugh along with my quirky humor.