best happenstance captures . . .

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Hello there and thank you for stopping by to take a look at my website. What, really, I started working on this online work in progress twenty years ago already? And I have been working on my photography skills over thirty-five years ago? Well I guess times flies much faster than I make progress lol, LOL!

I have never considered myself photogenic but I do love to take pictures. As unbelievable as I am told it is, I have very clear memories back to when I was only three years old. I remember my dad taking our pictures with a Polaroid instant camera. I have to admit it was cool watching a somewhat gooey and blurry mess that came out of a somewhat basic looking black square box slowly turn into a photograph of yourself. Now who would have guessed that many decades later a social media platform known as Instagram which allows or should I say limits you to sharing square photos would become so popular? Perhaps it is a sign of old age when something from your childhood comes back as an even bigger popular item lol.

A few years later my mom bought a smaller rectangular camera that used the square flash cubes, more convenient to carry with you but you had to wait until the whole roll of film, 24 pictures had been taken then drop the film off to be developed and then wait days for them to be ready to be picked up before you could see how they turned out. Sometimes it was even difficult trying to remember what some of the photos were supposed to be.

One of my first major purchases as a teenager was my very first camera, a Kodak Disc camera purchased at the local Mill’s Fleet Farm. My paternal Aunt Elaine always brought a camera along to family gatherings, she had a fancier model of the Kodak Disc and I thought it was so cool. I still have my developed disc films saved in a box with my old photos. I took a few people shots, a lot of shots of my cats, first Brett Blue and then Zachary Allan and tried to capture some shots of nature too. In my 20’s I decided to become a bit more modern and purchased a Kodak 24mm camera from the local K-Mart. I guess you could kind of say that it was a wedding expense lol. Yes, we had a very low key basic wedding as in we purchased a lot of film and asked some family and friends to capture photos for us. This is the same camera I used to capture the beginning of our oldest child’s childhood with.

Eight years later when I was pregnant with our second child Ken bought a digital camcorder to capture her arrival. Sydney is still trapped on mini cassette. When our third child, Ashton, was a couple months old Ken bought me our first digital camera. I just loved how I no longer had to worry about wasting film and that I could see how the photos turned out right away.