A Grateful Heart is a Blessed Heart

A cute little winter bird sitting on snow covered deck railing on a gray overcast morning after historically low temps and wind chills, no sunshine but wind and temps mild compared to past few days.
A Grateful Heart is a Blessed Heart

Saturday morning (02/02/2019) my best friend Nikon and I spent some quality quiet time outside enjoying the more tolerable temperatures as bystanders, mostly bird watching but also had an eye out for our rabbit and squirrel friends. Captured this bird while standing under the umbrella of an old pine tree trying to blend in with the trunk wearing husband’s blaze orange hunting jacket. Now how is that for subtle? I believe the birds are more startled away by movement and noise so my attire did not matter much.

Now just before I went outside there was a female cardinal, my very favorite bird, sitting right there on the deck railing just outside the kitchen window, almost within reach but camera not in hand. My plan was to plow all the drifts in the driveway, move all the snow from the county plow away from the mailbox and entrance to driveway, scrap away any loose snow before the afternoon rain started and turned everything into ice. I actually wanted to do a yard photo shoot too by my mommy taught me “work before play” so I took the camera out to stay in the van while I warmed it up, cleaned it off and moved it to clear under it and a path that son could drive his power wheelchair on.

Well, the battery in the 4 wheeler had other thoughts as to the day’s agenda lol. Since I was already out and dressed for winter weather I went ahead and did the photo shoot prior to plowing. When I had a chance to go through the photos I had taken this was among my favorites. Such a cute little bird, almost seemingly posing for me, pausing as it faced both directions before flying away. The large bush behind the deck makes for a nice backdrop. Overall it is a pretty straight on and centered photo. The railing made a great spot to state a theme or title for a poem or writing.

Monday (02/04/2019) afternoon I realized that I had not created anything for a month and decided I must come up with something using this photo before the end of day. And, instead of searching for a quote to go along with it I was going to write my own. I had something in mind but it did not sound nearly as good reading it in print as it did saying it in my mind lol. After a bit of tweaking I settled on this creative writing as an attempt at expressing the feeling of gratitude.

a cute little bird
out perched in the snow
searching for a ray of sun
hidden high above clouds
but the winds now calm