Life Passes By So Fast

Mr. & Mrs. Miller, 52 years ago

I know, my parent’s anniversary is not until Monday but seems like I have been doing something for them or with them the first weekend in August for their anniversary forever that I just could not let it pass by this year without doing something and the only thing I came up with was making the collage above from some of their rarely seen wedding photos. Technically, it should be their anniversary though dad is no longer with us so I guess maybe it really is not? I do not know, guess you would get different answers from the lone spouses you ask? I do think that while it should be 52 years now and is not it was 52 years ago and should be remembered.

There is something precious about having nicely turned out printed on real paper old photos. As far as I know my mom has the originals with no negatives. I scanned them some time ago, they look nice on screen but the quality is not there to print from. Though I should take the time to scan them again at high quality when visiting mom without the kids along so I can give printing them a try.

Back in my day of taking pictures with a film camera after using the entire roll of film you dropped it off to be developed and then waited days for them to come back so you could pick up and see how they turned out. In my case perhaps one or two really turned out. I wonder how long of a wait it was back in my dad’s day? I love that these photos were actually square too, long before Pinterest and square photos were a trend.

With the high rate of divorce and many couples no longer getting formally married it is going to become rarer to see couples celebrating their golden anniversary or higher. I hate to say it, but even with a longer life expectancy these days seems many of the couples who married back when marriage vows were more traditionally considered serious and they stuck together “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, in health, until death do us part” do not have both of them living long enough to celebrate these milestone anniversaries.

My paternal grandmother passed away when I was 8 years old while in her early seventies and before my grandparent’s 50th anniversary. My maternal grandparents also did not reach the 50th anniversary mark either, grandma passed away when I was 12 years old while in her sixties. My aunt who is only about eighteen months older than my mom has been a widow for over 17 years now already as my uncle passed away before they were married for 40 years.

While I am grateful dad lived long enough so we could have a little family celebration for my parent’s 50th anniversary it was not quite what we envisioned it should be considering he was in home bound hospice battling dementia and fatal cancer, he was there in body and knew it was a family celebration but well, it was very bittersweet. Mom is still new to widowhood with dad only being gone about 17 months now but I do not think one can ever get over loosing their life partner.

On a lighter note, as I put this post together the thought quoted below came to mind and I thought I might as well pen a new quote right away too lol.

“If you think fifty years is a long time you probably have not lived long enough yet.” ~ Deanna Wayne


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