Life Without Dad

Daddy is really gone!!!

Okay, this is starting to get way too real now. The home medical company just picked up Dad’s hi-low hospital bed, alternating pressure low air loss mattress, bedside table, hydraulic patient floor lift, full body sling, hmm, I think that is everything. He has been living in the dining room in a hospital bed for the past several months and now just a little more than 60 hours after his death there is absolutely no sign of that left. Mom has not been able to rest or sit still since. She misses him so much, Terrah and I do too. But it is a bit comforting not to have the vacant medical equipment staring at us reminding us of all the pain he was in and all the suffering he endured. I am totally on board with mom’s decision to clear their apartment of every reminder of that. She breaks out the vacuum cleaner, I have been in her room most of the morning scanning old family photos, Terrah has been busy working on dad’s memorial pamphlet in the living room, I just have to chuckle seeing her which leads to a memory I have never heard before.

Mommy keeping busy!

She asks why I am laughing so I told her I must have gotten my need for vacuum therapy from her. She agreed that vacuuming is very therapeudic. I just have to add for the record though that at my house I have to empty the large dirt canister several times just vacuuming part of the living room and it is always full of crumbs, dust, sand, dog hair and occasionally Legos which I must dig out and wash lol. Mom says your dad always said “I was vacuuming dust up from the basement.” My mom truly is a very good housekeeper and I will never measure up to her and her standards no matter how hard I try. I must add that was much easier with my dad, sister and I than it is with my crew lol. Oh, and she is not looking back, Terrah is asking her a question.