Long Overdue Visit

It has been way too long since I have been able to stop by my daddy’s grave. I intended to do so this past autumn once the kids were back in school. It has been way more too crazy busy than usual with too many medical appointments, Ashton being absent from school, rain, me being too tired.

Was able to stop by briefly today. Some snow on the base of the hill but not up by daddy’s grave. I still am not used so seeing my name engraved in stone lol. Kind of cool that the granite is from Wausau, near where I used to live for three and a half years just about three years ago now.

It was very overcast today and the air was damp, not so good for photos but I just loved being out in the wind up on that hill near some very big and old trees, green grass covered with red pine needles and beautiful oak leaves.

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