Love Me Some Johnny Cash

Well, I can not say that “I’ve Been Everywhere” man. Though in that song he mentions Fond du Lac, if he is talking Wisconsin well then I have been there, well at least driven past there countless times, mostly on many trips to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin main campus in Milwaukee and the attached Clinics Building. The song also mentions Chicago, Ashton and I also traveled there two times to go to Lurie’s Children’s Hosptial right on the the Magnificent Mile. I also traveled to Chicago solo to attend a couple of conferences regarding Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the genetic illness that Ashton has.

However, when we lived in Northern Wisconsin Ashton was referred to the neuromuscular clinic at American Family Children’s Hospital and UW Clinics. Heading there we traveled US-39 instead of US-41. The weeping willow was captured along that interstate highway.

I am told that I really enjoyed the Johnny Cash show on tv when my parents watched it. I absolutely love the song One Piece At A Time, if you knew my dad you will completely get why. However, I can really relate to Hurt as well sang by Johnny late in his career.

The weeping willow is Ashton’s favorite tree. And well, Big River mentions the weeping willow which is in regards to the Mississippi River (I think, I sure hope lol) which also reminds of the very many trips that Ashton and I had traveling to the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics and Stead Family Children’s Hospital in Iowa City every four weeks for over two years so that he could participate in a clinical trial.


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