Newest Favorite Song and Raw Truth Honesty

So I have my iphone in my pocket playing ‘my music’ in shuffle mode with the AmazonMusic app and Burning House by Cam starts playing. This has been on of my list of favorite songs since I first heard it .This song related to me as a Duchenne mom. If you are not familiar with Duchenne or DMD it is the most severe form for muscular dystrophy, a fatal genetic muscle wasting condition passed on by the mom. After my son’s diagnosis I later found out that I am in deed a carrier of this deadly disease with no approved treatment for his mutation though roughly about 35% of all cases are caused by a random spontaneous mutation. His body is like a burning house and I am slowly dying right along with him. My youngest walks through as this song is playing and she says that she does not like this song. So I ask her why and she says because it is sad. I tell her that is kind of why I like it, I am sad all the time because Ashton is sick. This is a painful truth that I hate to admit but I have been this way for over six years now. I hope one day that my girls will fully understand me.  I am honest, I am deep and sometimes I am dark.