Pushing the Boundaries

Cooper thinking “It’s my turn, right?”

Cooper was being a bit spunky this morning. I got up to go to the bathroom and came back to see him in my spot. He is a member of the family and a house dog so he pretty much roams the house and goes where he wants to go. One thing I am a stickler about is he can not go on the bed while I am washing the sheets. Only once I came up from laundry in basement to find him napping on the mattress protector.

Cooper says “I’m feeling sleepy.”

Cooper likes pillows and blankets. We always have a throw in the living room he can use. When it comes to the bed he can be on the bed as in on the quilt but not in the bed as in under the quilt, blanket or sheets. That one is harder to enforce. And our late little dog Pepper had a way of getting under the covers even when the bed was made. I say she was part cat lol.

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