A Bunny, Chicken Eggs and Jesus Christ?

I just love the movie Zootopia, it really cracks me up, one of my all time favorite children’s movies and I have a short list of maybe ten. The sloth DMV scene is great but my favorite quote is “…I am just a dumb bunny, but we are good at multiplying.” LOL, lol! It is and has been a well established fact for centuries even that rabbits and fertility go hand in hand, right? I love watching the rabbit family we share a yard with, I loose count of how many times during the warm season a new crew of baby bunnies is out and about lol, they are so cute. It is currently spring and the rabbits came out of winter hiding a couple weeks before my first American Robin sighting.

Today is the first of April, also known as April Fool’s Day and this year it just so happens to also be Easter Sunday. For the life of me I can not think of any possible correlation between rabbits, chicken eggs and Jesus Christ? I mean, I am all for fun family activities but dying eggs a rainbow of colors and searching for them out in the yard, never mind baskets lined with green shreds of plastic, how does this fit in with Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten son, the greatest man who ever walked the Earth? I really am dead serious here, I would love to hear from anyone who celebrates this how they think it all ties together and how you explain this all to your children in a believable manner. The older I get the more I just want to understand everything and everyone. And really, would not the world be a much friendlier place if everybody just took the time to understand each other and be tolerant of our individual differences?

Back to multiplying, I do have a math related question as well. The stickler for details that I am finds it especially intriguing that more people do not ponder this. The date of Jesus earthly birth and the date of his resurrection are six months apart so either Christmas should be in October or Easter should be in June, right? Without going into too many specifics the date of Jesus birth is not recorded in the Bible, that very well could be taken as it was not intended to be celebrated, we know he was baptized at about 30 years old and that his earthly ministry lasted about three and one half years so he had to have died during the month six months past his birth month.

We do know that The Last Supper or Lord’s Evening Meal was on Nisan 14 after the Passover of 33 CE, after all Jesus did say “Keep doing this in remembrance of me.” and that could not be done without knowing the date. So it seems as though the modern secular calendar is on target with Jesus being resurrected in the spring, however, we actually celebrate anniversaries on the date each year not on a particular day of the week, so why is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on a Sunday every single year? Now according to the lunar calendar used back during the first century the actual anniversary of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is still about three days away not today, April 1, 2018. This pretty much explains why I do not personally celebrate Easter, I am by no means judging anyone or their personal beliefs, just trying to understand why those who do celebrate Easter do so in the fashion that they do.