A New Look

Silly Girl

Definitely a new look for Emma. These glasses were among the loot she brought home from MDA Summer Camp a month ago. The round frames and big eye brows do not look so bad but I just could not get used to that nose lol. Thankfully, they are limited use just for fun plastic and did not last Ashton trying them out.

I am thinking that Emma is soon bound to outgrow the “Yes, take my photo phase.” She just turned 10. I do remember Sydney just loved having her photo taken. I can not remember exactly when she outgrew that but getting her to pause for the camera has been a rarity for some time now, well before 10 and she is now 17.

If I had the time and mental capacity lol I would love to formally study genetics. It is almost mind boggling how for children from the same genetic pool are so very unique and different from each other. Of course, my sister and I were too but we didn’t even look related lol.

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