This evening while at the kitchen sink noticed a raccoon in the back yard. The first raccoon sighting since moving here three years ago so I had to go out to take a look and a picture. As soon as I came around the corner of the garage the raccoon took off running so I did not get a good picture of it. Had been a few weeks since I was back by the barn, usually to get Cooper after he takes off back there to sniff the entire wood pile lol. Not sure where the raccoon went but noticed a lovely wild daisy plant managed to grow between the cement since I was there last. Makes me think of many thoughts that can be summed up as “Bloom where you are!”. Life is precious, short, goes by so fast. Circumstances out of your control may limit the life you imagined, planned, hoped for. Life is tough, can be a constant daily struggle just to manage to get through. But life is beautiful, worth every single minute despite all the hardships. You just have to make the best of where you are, what you have. It is all how you look at things. I choose to see this as a pretty wild flower that is resilient not a weed.

Bloom where you are!