Phone Calls With Dad

This morning when I called Mom sounded a bit irritated that I was calling again. She was at a stop light so I quickly said goodbye. Being out of the house, being alone for errands and appointments, driving is all kind of new to her again. She did mention that Dad was fine at home and she turned on and put the Trakphone next to him. I’m thinking woohoo, I can call, Dad will pick up the phone and I will have him all to myself. When they still had the landline I would frequently call home when I knew Mom would be gone so I could talk to Dad. And he used to unexpectedly call me about once a month too. I really miss that. He sounds good again today. A lot of chit chat and he talked about his dream picking lilacs and how much he likes the way they smell. Lilacs do have a special meaning to me too. It is about his mom and when he first took my sister and I to visit her grave. It is coming up to the anniversary of her passing so maybe this is a trigger for his lilac dreams? [DJW-02/24/2016]