Second Missing Anniversary

I think the loss of my dad was still to raw last August for my mom, sister or I to think about what should have been my parent’s 51st Anniversary. Also, seems we were all very tired and stressed out completing the move out, cleaning and closing on the sale of their home.

I don’t even know if this is considered a normal idea or not but I kind of thought this August at least my mom, sister and I would get together and do something for what should be my parent’s 52nd Anniversary even if that was just sitting in the same room or playing a round of triple solitary for old times sake. I did casually mention it to mom but she said her and my sister have not given thought to it. Perhaps this would make more sense knowing that my mom and sister live together so are in regular daily contact with each other.

Come to think of it I am not really up to thinking about dad out loud with people quite yet. I did visit him at the cemetery back in April while the kids were in school. I also picked up a cute plant for my sister’s desk at work and briefly stopped to deliver it and see where she worked. Was able to visit a bit with my mom before heading home for the kids after school too. I will make going to visit dad again something I do alone again in September once the kids are back in school.


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