The Early Bird vs Second Mouse

A male mallard duck catching a worm near a puddle April 2019.
The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Last Thursday morning after seeing Ashton and Emma off to school I was so excited to spy a pair of ducks in the driveway through a gap in the living room curtains as I came through the hall to go into the kitchen. I rushed to grab my camera out of the sun room and tried to quietly make my way out the door without Cooper being too curious of what I was up too and going berserk in that bay window and scaring them away.

The couple seemed to merrily waddle their meandering way through all the puddles of the recent April showers. They did not pay me or the clicking of my camera but of course I slowly inch my way to see how close I could get. Eventually the male honked and they were off in flight. Awesome to see them close up and watching them fly away.

I just love a great photo shoot right in the yard. I managed to get several good shots. Looking through my lens I only saw them drinking from the puddles and only noticed the worm eating when going through the pics. This one of course merited a quote.