The Things I Get Myself Into

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not an athletic person. My kind of sports are badminton, croquet and long distance walking. I could maybe get into golf but I just don’t have the time for that. I do like archery. Finally, something I liked in phy ed and it was only one day in seventh grade.

Started doing some disc golf and geocaching. Both of those are considered sports right? The disc golf course I’ve been to is through the woods. Just getting to the last hole and would you believe I throw my disc just perfectly so that it lands on it’s side on the border of the fairway, rolls down the slope and lands in the water about two feet from shore. Quite certain I could not do that on purpose. By the looks of the slope many have slid down it before me. Get to the bottom and then it starts raining. I did retrieve my disc from under the green slime, got halfway up the hill then it slipped out of my hand. Get halfway up the hill again and notice Ken is standing at the top waiting with a stick so he can pull me up. Otherwise I may still be down there lol. I’m sure it was not pretty but it is good to give your spouse something to laugh about now and then right?

There just happens to be a geocache somewhat nearby. I am already wet and muddy so why not? Someone was so kind to put steps in to get you down the hill. May have been the Eagle Scouts as they assisted with putting in the disc golf course. The steps curve so you can’t see where it is heading to until you are down there. Then a nice hike through the woods with no trail to follow. I am used to seeing ferns growing in the woods but I have never seen any this big. They are between waist and shoulder high, on me anyway. They remind me of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the one from 1978. And below them it was very lush with greenery and underbrush. I just imagined all the rodents, snakes and spiders that must call this home. I remind myself this is only Wisconsin, nothing like the rain forest in Romancing the Stone, no chance of meeting a huge jungle killer spider like in Arachnophobia. It was a bit of a trek, I found the cache and was so very happy to get out of the field of giant ferns. If I ever go to South America thinking I can pass on the Amazon and just focus on the Andes. Athletic? No. Adventurous? Yes!

how did I do that?

heading down
where does this lead to?
wild ferns
giant wild ferns!

heading back up
finally back to the steps!