Winter Wonderland

Growing Old in a Winter Wonderland | fresh flakes even at dark sure do glisten | many a plow nearby if you listen | there is no doubt that it's winter | too much snow for me and mister
Growing Old in a Winter Wonderland

Went outside just after dark to try and capture some fresh snow pictures now that the whole yard was covered with “white stuff” while it was still snowing. Cut it kind of short because it was cold and windy and my camera and I were getting too wet.

Ken was anxious to try out Dead of Winter: The Long Night. Very cool that it is an expansion for Dead of Winter Crossroads that can also be played as a stand alone game. Sydney, him and I played it twice before calling it a night but I was anxious to take a look at what I captured on my short photoshoot. I was rather pleased with how the shot of just the ground cover turned out and how sparkly the snow was. Well, then these words just came to me so I had to put it together real quick before going to bed. And Ken says that I do nothing quickly. LOL! We both just have our own version of quickly.

I started hearing this ongoing noise outside and realized that it was fireworks. Hmm, people do fireworks on New Year’s Eve? Look at the clock and see that it is 12:00 AM. Yes, time does have a way of getting away from me when I am engrossed in just finishing a project, it is finished when it meets my eye of approval not when the clock says a certain time:). Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019. Staring the year right away with fresh #DWayneDesign art and on an unusually lighthearted note yet too! Good night.