At Peace With Goodbye

This seems to be my final test
and then I’ll go into my rest.
Satan’s tried to make me stray
but Jehovah God I could not betray.
I’m weak and tired of the fight
but Jehovah God has seen my plight.
His spirit’s filled my heart with peace
and I will welcome my release.
I’ll wait there till the time that He,
calls my name and sets me free.
Where He will give me that great prize
everlasting life in His paradise
And so dear friends, I’ll say Adieu
till the future time I will be with you.
Where Jehovah’s praises we will sing
without the fear of Satan’s sting.
—Marion Mae (Preston) Klemann, 1914-1982

Please Note: The above is one of my maternal grandmother’s original writings. I still have a photocopy of it which I keep in the photo album I received from her when I was a young child. She did not title it. As webpages require names I decided to call it At Peace With Goodbye. I believe that is the message she was trying to convey. Her life was filled with many health battles. Her last fight was with Lung Cancer due to second hand smoke from my grandfather. During her battle I won a blue ribbon for my anti-smoking poster I made for a contest. When she was diagnosed she was given six months to live but she hung on for eighteen months. During that last summer vacation my mom, sister and I stayed with her half of each week to help take care of her. She was bed ridden, in pain and on constant oxygen but she never complained. We had a lot of good talks and played many games of Yahtzee with her. My mom, sister and I spent our winter vacation from school with her. I remember my dad came to pick us up, I had already said my goodbye but before walking out the door I called back to her “bye Grandma, see you next year”. Early the very next morning my family was awakened by the phone ringing. I opened my eyes and I new what it was before mom answered the phone. Grandma passed away during the night so we had to pack up and head right back for funeral arrangements. My final words still kind of haunt me to this day but I too have come to be at peace with goodbye to my sweet grandma whom I still think about all the time. And my youngest shares her middle name.