I’d love to sing with voice so sweet I’d sing Jehovah’s praises a joy for all to hear
I’d love to sing out beautifully
of the paradise he’s made for me
Please Jehovah, hear my plea
and look into my heart
I hope you’ll find me worthy and
give me a brand new start
I’ve been so weak with pain and strife
It is my great desire,
that you will make me whole again
so I’ll no longer tire
My time is short, I do not fear,
what I must bear while Satan’s near.
I’ll go to my rest peacefully
Believing Jesus’s promise
and wait for you to call me there.
—Marion Mae (Preston) Klemann, 1914-1982

Please Note: The above is one of my maternal grandmother’s original writings. I still have a photocopy of it which I keep in the photo album I received from her when I was a young child. She did not title it. As webpages require names I decided to call it Believing.