Back To School Flashback, 2012

Here is Ashton aka as Mr. Fix-It by his Kindergarten locker. He just turned 6 and the shorts he is wearing are size 24 months LOL. He is having a great start to the new school year this morning! He was able to use the bathroom unassisted (a new milestone this spring)!! He was able to get his pjs off himself and get partly dressed himself!! He is walking!!! He is able to carry his backpack with his binder inside (had trouble in the past carrying backpack with just a folder inside)! He is able to carry his lunch too (new this year as only ½ day school the past two years)! This is all a BIG deal to a boy with Duchenne. So happy 🙂 to see Ashton have this chance to be just a regular little boy. Don’t know how long it will last 🙁 but he has overcome so much already. Here’s hoping for no injury, surgery or having the struggle to learn to walk again this school year.

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