Fun in the Sun

Sheldon, having fun in the summer sun!

Sheldon will be three next month. He seems to be having the most fun of the seven of us at our house this summer. Of course we are all enjoying our new, big, country yard. Saturday morning Ken and I had coffee out on the deck watching the dogs. Captured some action shots of Sheldon with my camera. Cooper has been somewhat limited going on three weeks now wearing a cone after needing surgery for a hematoma again this summer but in his other ear.

Sheldon is so cute. You may recognize that he has some American Staffordshire Terrier in him. But just let me say, pure breeds are overrated. Rescued is my favorite breed. And Sheldon is just the sweetest dog I have ever known and is much more likely to be scared of you than to scare anyone. I am so very happy that he was rescued from a kill shelter in Texas by Fetch Foster and Rescue and that we found him when we wanted to adopt another dog!


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