Interesting Old Writings

If  you know me then you should not be too surprised that I have never been into anything Victorian or of the romance genre, even poetry of that sort. Just for example Anne of Green Gables, Pride and Prejudice, Somewhere In Time. My sister on the other hand loves these. We are very different and yes, we are biological sisters lol. Now that I have been married almost 25 years and have had young children for over 22 years these seem even more absurd to me. Sorry Terrah.

I recently happened to come across these two quotes and thought they were not too bad. They are excerpts from actual letters written so I had to look up the four people mentioned. They happened to live before the Victorian era and the authors of both books mentioned above.

“I have told my passion, my eyes have spoke it, my tongue pronounced it and my pen declared it. Now my heart is full of you, my head raves about you, and my hand writes to you.”–George Farquhar to Annie Oldfield

“A something in your eyes, and your voice, you possess in a degree more persuasive than any woman I ever saw, read, or heard of… that bewitching sort of nameless excellence.”–Laurence Sterne to Eliza Draper

I am much more into nonfiction than I am into novels. I remember my mom taking me to the library when I was quite young and was excited to pick which Dr. Seuss book to check out next. The children’s section was quite small back in my early childhood days. I also remember reading Mother Goose and other nursery rhyme books. When I was in third grade we had a school library and I found The Boxcar Children series. In fifth grade we were limited to the selection of books in our classroom. In Middle School we had a school library again and I found the Nancy Drew series. Then I came to prefer reading and writing reports from the nonfiction side of the library. I remember the Librarian being quite perturbed at me when I was in eighth grade and needed to check out a book on animals for a book report. She had a whole table of fiction selections to choose from but they all seemed very uninteresting and at an elementary reading level. I did find a book that took quite a bit more time to read than a fiction book would but it was an enjoyable read. It was written by a lion researcher chronicling his work out in the wild countryside of Africa.

As an adult the only novels I have really gotten into were written by Robin Cook. Not too surprising as my favorite movie of all time is based on one of his books. The movie is Coma from 1978. Yes, I love medical drama and only science fiction that is somewhat plausible and not related to life in outer space or fantasy. Okay, so maybe I am a bit picky:). However the past 10 years I have not had the time to read a book cover to cover, well except for the storybooks I read to the kids. Guess I just always imagined that I would have time to delve into all the projects and extra things I would like to do once the kids got older and started living their own lives.