Snake Mystery

Came home this afternoon to a big snake in the driveway right in my path. I did not measure but very easily three feet long, maybe a bit over. Slammed on the brakes to avoid running it over, backed in my spot and noticed it did not seem to move at all. Walked over to it to take a closer look, nothing appeared to be wrong with the snake, no signs of injury at all, kicked a little dirt at it just to be sure it was dead.

Sydney and Emma get off the bus about 3:25 and they are upset seeing a big snake so close to the house and don’t believe it is dead. Cooper does not like snakes either, he seems to be confused with how they travel without legs lol. It is in Cooper’s nature to be very protective of his family and our home. So he comes to the rescue trying to get the snake to leave the property. His barking and growling does not work. Cooper does not realize that the snake is dead so he goes in and moves the snake himself. This video, Cooper to the Rescue! was after he flung it into the grass towards the field. Ashton missed all the action as his bus comes closer to 4 but he also does not like snakes. Still have no idea why a snake would just die in the middle of the driveway.

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