First Day of December and Snow

I may be a January baby but I have never been a huge fan of winter. I do love snowflakes and snow covered trees though, they are beautiful photo opportunities but the low temps and ice make walking and driving precarious. The older I get the more winter is just too cold and too dark for my liking. This morning was a very grey and damp day, then all of a sudden I notice snowflakes are falling and they keep getting bigger as in quarter sized. I am excited over this photo opportunity just waiting for me to get outside. By the time I go upstairs to grab a pair of socks, go out and come back in to locate which outlet I plugged the camera battery in and then come back in to get my memory card out of the thumb drive in the computer the huge snow flakes turned into snow showers.

I stay out anyway to see what I might capture. Not any impressive snow shots. Cooper can’t help himself but watch through the window and then quickly look away when I look at him like he is saying “Who me? No, I am not watching you.” LOL. I can hear birds chattering but can not see any. I was intrigued by drops of water on some tree branches but then movement on the ground catches my eye. A squirrel. Realized he had been spotted he dashes up a tree. So I walk through the trees trying to capture the squirrel walking the property line along the tree tops, finally caught up with him for a bit, my lens is all wet and he takes off when I put the camera down trying to wipe the wet snow off. I come out of the wooded area trying to see where he went just as a bunny takes off from under a pile of fallen trees. Well, now I know where they are hiding for future photos. Fingers frozen so I come in.