time marches on . . . lost without you . . . creative writing on autumn woods scene photo, mixed blur and focus
time, memories, brevity of life

Hot off the presses, lol. My latest work. Photo is from a long autumn walk with Ken through a lovely park during October. Words are from a couple Sundays ago when I awoke feeling more pensive than usual and had these persistent what I thought were random thoughts going through my head. I grab my pen and notebook to jot it down to attempt to clear my head and go about my day. As I started writing I realized my thoughts were kind of poetic and I had three separate creative writings going on. This one the longest and I had to think a bit on which of my recent photos was well suited for adding it to. Have had quite a few pressing and time consuming matters to attend to recently so I was not really able to give it much attention. Finally got a few big monkeys off my back and was anxious to start this project.

The first one I thought could work with a long and narrow writing was of clouds and I did not want to use a sky photo as I do not believe good people rise to heaven upon their death. The second one was of waves on a lake with ice and I did not want to use a cold wintery photo either. The third was kind of cool and fitting, rings of a fallen tree but thought the old grey wood kind of depressing. The fourth a beautiful stream photo with reflection of trees but the same color text was not easily visible throughout the length of the stream. Then I noticed this overlooked photo (confession, I have taken over 1,600 photos with camera alone, not counting my phone the past 6 weeks) where I was playing with blur and focus. I do like how the tree trunk is bold, tall and straight. I also like the subtle blur of slight autumn colors, especially the yellow in the background which I think is maple tree leaves how it looks and feels like warmth of the sun. My dad really loved the woods and I think this writing inspired from the loss of him fits well on this photo. I also think this writing is a bit generic as in it can relate to many different people and circumstances of life, though I wrote it as a mourning daughter it also speaks to me as a mother raising a child with a fatal illness.

time marches on
hard to keep up
try to forget
but you are gone
lost without you
wish you were here
time passed so fast
things left to say
questions to ask
laughs yet to have
smiles to be shared
memories left
photos remain
life’s not the same
so many years
still not enough
time spent with you
days come and go
oh how I want
one more with you