My Dad, A Poet

My dad is a poet! And I bet you did not know it. My dad is well known for his crazy sense of humor and his seemingly endless supply of jokes and anecdotes. He does come up with new ones every now and then but I’ve heard most of the same ones over and over during my life. Some of his stuff is funny but others not so much. My mom always says once when you put a nickel in him you get a quarters worth lol.

One of his jokes that I’ve heard many times is ‘What are the three rings of marriage?’ The answer is ‘First comes the engagement ring, then comes the wedding ring, then comes the suffering.’ I guess it depends on your marital situation as to whether you would find this funny or not.

Last weekend I was able to get away to visit my parents as well as spend some long overdue alone time with my sister. It was a real treat spending two nights and three days with her and Francie. It was not all fun though. There is plenty of work to do clearing out my parent’s house and preparing for an estate sale. Also, with my dad’s recent diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer there were some pretty serious conversations too. Enough of that for now.

One of the treasures Terrah found is a poem that my dad wrote. It is not dated and he does not remember when he wrote but I would guess within the past couple years as you can see it was not written with a steady hand. It is a real gem in his handwriting on an unused sheet of paper. You can read more about it here.