Remember the Wife of Lot

Perhaps you too were in attendance at one of the 1978 “Victorious Faith” international assemblies (as they were called then) of Jehovah’s Witnesses. My family attended the one at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Milwaukee County Stadium (where the Brewer’s played) was filled with over 50,000 spiritual brothers and sisters from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The highlight of the five days for us younger ones was receiving our very own copy of the just released My Book of Bible Stories! It was a full page sized hard covered book and I want to say our first publication to be printed with full colored illustrations instead of just one color. And there was one highlighting each of the 116 stories in the book.

I still have my original copy that all four of my children have enjoyed as well though it is still packed from recently moving. It has since been updated as a more cost effective soft cover book with improved color with the update in technology. You can read, listen to or download your very own copy of My Book of Bible Stories for free here,

Another highlight of the assemblies are the dramas or reenactments of Bible accounts. Both children and adults always look forward to these. There were four dramas during the “Victorious Faith” assembly. The one that I do remember was about Lot and his escape from Sodom and Gomorrah.

Of course I remember that my dad reviewed the account of Lot and his family with my younger sister and I prior to that assembly day and that we were all trying to anticipate how Lot’s wife would be shown as turning into a pillar of salt on stage. Even when the stage is indoors the dramas only have handmade props and costumes, no special effects. Being up in the huge stadium filled with the largest crowd I had ever seen the stage is not exactly clearly in sight but I do remember that the sound more than made up for it. So much so that I clearly remember being affected by it forty-one years later.

True Happiness and Joy is Spiritual

Times and technology sure have changed over the years. We are so truly blessed to be able to stream numerous Bible dramas anytime we want from our official website, I do especially enjoy the modern day movies which are so true to life.

One of my favorites is a three part, approximately only thirty minutes each, entitled Remember the Wife of Lot. My favorite line in it is quoted above according to my ears. “True happiness, joy, it’s spiritual. You can’t satisfy spiritual needs with material things.”. This movie is from 2017 and I just happened to have an awesome sunset photo captured with my iPhone from one of Ashton’s and my flights on our way home from one of his clinical trial appointments when it was still possible for him to travel. While this is not exactly much of a DWayne Design it is a melding of my spiritual heritage which is very near and dear to me with my lifelong fascination of the ever changing canvas, the sky and the magnificent artwork of our Creator and Heavenly Father, Jehovah God.

The feature photo for this post on the home page was also taken during 2017 from on of the many flights that Ashton and I took for the clinical trial. You can start watching the modern day drama, Remember the Wife of Lot for free here,

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